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Celebrities' Favourite Earrings

1 February 2015

From the red carpet to the sidewalk, we share a few of our favourite celebrity earring styles!

From Beyoncé to Rihanna, celebrity style plays a huge role in our perception of what’s hot and what’s not! Whether they’re dressed up for a night at the Oscars or flaunting themselves on a Brazilian beach, celebrities know how to turn it on. We thought we’d give you a heads up on the latest celebrity earring styles – here are a few of our favourite golden girl’s – and boys’- ear wears.

While Rihanna and Anna Kournikova are often seen sporting hoops – the bigger the better in Rihanna’s case – Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and Penelope Cruz all prefer to opt for simple elegance with crystal drop earrings. Ms. Cruz looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet recently in a black dress with red lipstick and gold chandelier drop earrings. It was the perfect example of how earrings can take an outfit from beautiful to drop-dead gorgeous. Natalie Portman was also turning heads with a pair of champagne pearl drop earrings.

Meanwhile, Julianne Moore set her auburn hair alight by wearing a pair of bold emerald drop earrings at the Golden Globes, while Claire Danes let her lips do the talking by matching a brilliant red hue with a pair of simple diamond studs.

Off the red carpet, starlets have been seen wearing simple diamond and pearl studs and silver and gold hoops. Or if the Kardashians are anything to go by, then big, bold earrings make the ideal fashion statement piece! Whether it’s diamond-encrusted hoops or large flat disc drops in silver, black and gold, these women know how to up the ante in the jewellery department.

Let’s not forget the men! Just when we thought women get to have all the fun accessorising with the latest jewellery trends, Justin Bieber has redefined masculinity by donning a pair of black studs at the MTV Awards. David Beckham’s been sporting a pair of diamond studs for years and it seems that pop icon Bieber has finally decided to follow suit. All power to him - this is one trend we’re keen to see take off!

Four celebrity styles to get you through any occasion!

  1. Hoops (Rihanna)
  2. Chandelier drops (Penelope Cruz)
  3. Diamond studs (Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock)
  4. Large flat discs (Kim Kardashian)

Whether you’re emulating your favourite celeb’s style or dictating your own earring trends, remember to choose a pair of earrings which suit you!