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Micro Banana 1.2x8mm Titanium
Micro Banana 1.2x8mm Titanium
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  • Multicoloured Bananabell 1.2 x 8mm, Titanium.

    These curved 8mm internal diameter 1.2mm (16 gauge) bananabells come in a variety of colours and are finished with 3mm ball ends, perfect for everyday wear. Choose from light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, purple, rainbow and ti-glow. Please specify your colour choice when ordering.

  • Titanium
    Grade 23 titanium is compliant with the European Nickel directive of 2001 for initial piercings. It is biocompatible and can be anodised in many colours. Titanium metal is used for surgical implants and body piercing jewellery because of its non-reactive nature. It is highly popular for jewellery as it can be coloured easily and does not effect people with sensitivities.

  • Banana

    16 gauge (1.2mm) for eyebrow piercing or finer piercings.

    14 gauge (1.6mm), for navel piercing and male / female nipple piercing.

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