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Gold Sleeper + Design Ball
Gold Sleeper + Design Ball
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  • 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Sleeper with Design Ball.

    A textured appearance makes these sleepers a unique choice. Measuring an internal diameter of 12mm, each plain polished 24kt gold plated sterling silver hoop is embellished with a sandblasted 6mm design ball.

  • 24kt gold plate on Sterling Silver
    24kt (100%) gold plated on sterling silver. Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic metal, comprising 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent copper. There is no nickel in sterling silver. The copper makes it more durable so it not only looks beautiful, but lasts a lifetime. Sterling silver is a pure metal and prone to tarnishing. This is a natural process, and occurs because of skin oils, cosmetics, smoking or earborne chemicals reacting with the metal. However it is easily cleaned and a number of cleaning products are availabe from your local supermarket.

  • Add-on's

    Sleeper earrings are designed to be comfortable enough to wear all the time and are excellent for children.  Enhance your sleeper with these lovely addons.

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