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Nose Retainer .08x6 Bioplast
Nose Retainer .08x6 Bioplast
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  • Nose Bone Retainer 20g, Bioplast.

    This clear bioplast 0.8mm (20 gauge) nose bone retainer is the perfect solution for work or school. Wear it to discreetly keep your piercing, while sticking to the dress code.

  • Bioplast
    Bioplast is a biocompatible material which is autoclavable. It can be cut to any length, is self threading (with any steel or titanium ball) and is totally flexible. It has been shown to reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process in new piercings. It is an excellent material to use in new piercings.

  • Labret

    16 gauge (1.2mm)  used mainly for fine facial piercings such as popular Madonna (cheeck area) piercing and tragus.

    14 gauge (1.6mm) for below lip piercing, conch piercing and tongue piercing.

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