Hypoallergenic Earrings

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Picture Disc(int)1.6x4mmTit'm
Picture Disc(int)1.6x4mmTit'm
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  • Internal Thread Picture Disc 1.6 x 4mm, Titanium.

    These 1.6mm (14 gauge) picture discs feature an internal thread and are available in a range of designs: red base with yellow star, black base with white star, pentagram, checker board, and iron cross (black base with white flared cross). Please specify your preference at the time of ordering.

  • Titanium
    Grade 23 titanium is compliant with the European Nickel directive of 2001 for initial piercings. It is biocompatible and can be anodised in many colours. Titanium metal is used for surgical implants and body piercing jewellery because of its non-reactive nature. It is highly popular for jewellery as it can be coloured easily and does not effect people with sensitivities.

  • Dermal Anchors

    Dermal Jewellery is used for body decoration  Each piece is attached to a dermal anchor.

    A dermal anchor is a small plate which is inserted into the face or body and is held in place by the surface tissue (dermal) around it. The plate has a thread on it for beads, cones and other embellishments. Dermal anchors should always be done by an experienced professional.

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