Studex® Ear Piercing Systems

Studex® Ear Piercing Systems

21 Jan 2019

There are two professional ear piercing systems available in New Zealand. These are Studex® Universal and Studex® System75. Each system uses a different kind of technology and offers different varieties of earrings. The information here will help you choose the best system for you.

Studex® Universal is a classic pressure-spring ear piercing system. This pressure spring applies gentle pressure on the earlobe to keep it in the right place during piercing. It uses a reusable ear piercing instrument that must be manually loaded with a plastic holder for the piercing stud and clasp. 

Studex® ear piercing studs are sealed and sterilised in individual packages. The studs that are available for use with this system are thicker and feature a blunter end than those used with Studex® System75. 

The Studex® Universal system is not available in Auckland since it does not comply with the local hygiene standards in the Auckland Council Health and Hygiene Bylaw 2013. Piercings performed in Auckland are done with Studex® System75.

Studex® System75 is a modern and virtually silent spring action ear piercing system that uses sterile single-use non-touch disposable cartridges. This system offers the optimum in hygiene and sterility. With this system, ears can be pierced gently with individually sealed, hypoallergenic studs. The ear piercing specialist inserts sterile cartridges into the instrument and touches neither the piercing stud nor the clasp during the piercing process. The piercing instrument does not touch the ear either. The one piece cartridge gives smooth operation and ensures proper alignment of the stud with clasp.

The studs that are available for use with System75 are slimmer and sharper than those used with Studex® Universal, making the piercing less traumatic to the ear. This makes System75 a great choice for cartilage piercings. Automatic positioning of the clasp ensures that proper space is left at the front and back of the ear to enhance the healing process.

System75 also provides two piercing instruments, for simultaneous piercing. This is especially important when piercing young children’s ears as it means both ears can be pierced at the same time.

We recommend contacting your local stockist to find out which system they use.

Note that simultaneous piercing for children will require two trained ear piercing professionals, so in this case we also recommend calling ahead to confirm availability.