Silver Wave Hoop Clip On
Silver Wave Hoop Clip On

Silver Wave Hoop Clip On



Silver Crossover Double Wave, Rhodium on Nickel Free Metal. Clip On.

Two silver-coloured waves cross over each other in a swirling figure 8 shape measuring 8x13.5mm (WxH). Made with rhodium on nickel free metal, they use a clip on design.

Rhodium Plated Nickle Free

Rhodium is a highly reflective and corrosion resistant silvery-white noble metal which belongs to the platinum group. Because of its rarity and high costs it is usually used in small amounts, for example for plating jewellery. Our Rhodium plated jewellery is nickel free, making it hypoallergenic.

Rhodium plating gives gold jewellery a dazzling white appearance, much brighter than white gold, which makes diamonds, precious stones, Cubic Zirconia or crystals stand out even more.