Disc(int) 1.6x3mm Titanium
Disc(int) 1.6x3mm Titanium

Disc(int) 1.6x3mm Titanium



Internal Thread Dermal Disc 1.6 x 3mm, Titanium.

This 3mm dermal disc is internally threaded, making it a great choice for use with your 1.6mm (14 gauge) dermal anchor. It is machined in titanium for a plain silver finish.


Titanium is a natural material which is corrosion resistant, hard and comparatively light. It is non-toxic and does not chemically react with the body. It is highly popular for jewellery as it can be anodised in many colours and because of its non-reactive nature it does not affect people with sensitivities.

Titanium grade 23 (also known as 6AL4V-ELI) is used for Studex® piercing studs. This alloy grade is hypoallergenic and therefore well suited for prolonged periods inside the body.