Diamond Nose Stud White 18ct
Diamond Nose Stud White 18ct

Diamond Nose Stud White 18ct



Curved Brilliant Cut Diamond Nose Stud 18g, 18Kt White Gold.

A truly elegant choice, this 1mm (18 gauge) curved nose stud is set with a 56 facet, brilliant cut diamond. It is made locally in New Zealand using 18kt white gold.

Precious Metal

Our precious metal jewellery includes gold, rose gold, and white gold. Please check the product description for more information on what has been used to create this piece.

Gold is a highly sought after precious metal. Pure gold is too soft to withstand everyday wear so it is alloyed with other metals including silver, copper, nickel and zinc to make it more durable. Karat is the term used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karatage, the purer the gold.

The alloys mixed with pure gold influence its colour. 18 karat gold will always consist of 75% pure gold, but depending on what alloys it is mixed with, may appear yellow, white or rose gold in colouration.

Jewellery is called gold plated when a layer of gold has been deposited onto the surface of another metal, usually copper or silver. Gold may tarnish but it can easily be restored with a polish from your local jeweller or supermarket.