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Ear Piercing Aftercare

1 May 2017

Just Had Your Ears Pierced? Check Out Our Tips On Ear Piercing Aftercare

If you’ve just had your ears pierced it’s essential you follow a good aftercare regime. We recommend using Studex Ear Care Solution to prevent post-piercing infections. Here’s a guide to keeping your ear lobes healthy following piercing.

It is ideal to carry out your aftercare procedure after showering or bathing.

  1. Wash hands thoroughly, preferably with an antibacterial soap, before touching the piercing.
  2. Rinse the piercing with water and use a fresh cotton bud to remove any crust.
  3. Apply Studex® Ear Care Solution to the piercing while rotating the stud several times 180° left and 180° right. Only doing half turns will prevent hair wrapping around the post at the back of the lobe. In between cleaning, keep ears dry.
  4. Carry out this procedure twice daily for six weeks. More frequently could damage the delicate skin cells that surround the piercing and less frequently may invite infection.
  5. Do not remove the studs for the first six weeks. For the first six months do not go for more than 24 hours without wearing jewellery in the piercing as the holes may close up.
  6. Pain, redness or swelling is not normal for an ear piercing and may indicate an allergic reaction or an infection. Consult your piercer or a doctor immediately if you have any concerns.

Studex products have been specifically designed to prevent post-piercing complications. Most infections and other problems are caused by negligent aftercare procedures. Our Studex Ear Care Solution is a non-sting formula for everyday care which combats the bacteria that can cause infections.